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i made a book, a book about me.

it’s about the small space in the universe that i occupy, and how i interact with the world around me.

this is a handbound, 100% risographed, french-folded,  hardbound book. in total this book is 144 pages long!

the graphic novel format has always interested me because of how vast and varied storytelling can be in these books. it was a perfect way to blend my art, my story, and my skills into one condensed experience.

the writing itself was birthed from the notes app late last year in 2022. i stuck them all in a folder called, “brain juice.” it’s just a lot of jumbled nonsense that i wrote down during late nights. i ended up condensing it all into six very short stories, some of them only being one line long. and then the drawing started.

here is some of the behind the scenes for it:

sketching phase: 

i hand drew each page first with ink and graphite, and then scanned and traced it all again in illustrator to create a cleaner look for the riso. 

the printing process took about a month to complete in total to create 5 very limited edition books. 

the binding process:

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